Wood. It Isn't Just for Floors and Doors.

Everyone has their own perception of using wood in home décor. For some of us, we’re transported back to the wood-paneled rec rooms of the homes we grew up in. For others, it’s the elegance of grandma’s formal dining room furniture or the rustic charm of an old farmhouse.

Today’s decorating trends make it possible to journey back to those times or leap forward to fresh concepts in wood for the home. Let’s take a look at some of the emerging ideas!
  1. Wood still works on walls. We’re seeing options ranging from elegant wood in thin strips to rustic wide planks – but this time, the wood is placed horizontally. And the wood doesn’t have to cover the entire wall. Instead, it can be used as an accent on a relatively plain wall or it can be integrated into a mixed media approach.
  2. Cedar closets are back, baby! The cedar scent protects woolen garments and blankets from moths, while the smell of cedar is a sensory delight for homeowners.
  3. Think small. Wooden accents are cropping up in everything from creative clocks and picture frames to unconventional wine racks and retro wooden bowls. Fortunately, your wood items don’t need to be all the same species. Savvy designers know that an eclectic look can be more appealing than creating a matchy-matchy decorating scheme.
  4. Your home shouldn’t have all the fun. Bringing wooden elements into the office can soften the sharp edges of an environment that feels sterile. Incorporate funky wooden chairs, desk accessories or attention-grabbing wall art to make your workplace a great place to spend the day.
  5. Money is no object. Seriously. Although high-end hardwood floors or an ornate staircase may be out of reach for most homeowners, there are also cost-effective ways to weave wood into your home. Considering reclaimed wood or choosing discontinued styles can save money, while using wood as an accent is less expensive than going all-in on wood décor.

Wander through Pinterest, visit historic buildings or stop by your local home improvement store. You’re sure to find inspiration for creating your own unique use for wood.
- By The Compass Hawaii Team, Feb 19, 2019