Treat Your Home to an Exterior Makeover

Does curb appeal really matter if you’re not selling your home? It sure does! It’s important for all homeowners to think about the first impression people have when driving or walking past your home. Here are three reasons to take a fresh look.

Safety and Security

Your property can contain hidden hazards that are able to be addressed quickly and often with minimal cost.
  1. Not only does overgrown landscaping look sloppy, but it can also provide a screen for burglars looking to break into your home.
  2. Uneven and broken concrete can lead to unexpected trips and falls—and potential lawsuits.
  3. A yard littered with toys, tree limbs and other random objects can make the area around your home treacherous. Not only does this increase the likelihood of falls, but broken glass and rusty items can cause cuts, scrapes and a trip to the hospital.
  4. Faded or obscured house numbers can make it hard for people to locate your home, which could be dangerous in case of an emergency. 

Protecting Your Investment

A home is the largest purchase most of us will ever make, so it’s wise to take ongoing action to avoid depreciation.
  1. As we live our busy lives, it’s easy to let little projects sneak past us and morph into big issues that will cost more to address later.
  2. Not only will having a tidy and welcoming property help increase your own home’s value, it can make a contribution to the overall aesthetic of your neighborhood.
  3. You never know when you’ll need to move to pursue a new opportunity. If your dream job comes along and you need to relocate quickly, having a well-maintained exterior will save a lot of time when you’re preparing to move to a new community.
  4. Some curb appeal features are best handled during a specific time of the year, meaning you may not be able to take care of them if a sudden relocation comes up. One example is planting fall bulbs (like tulips) that lead to cheerful flowers in the spring.
  5. Making ongoing changes now will help maintain (or increase) your home’s value in the long run, without being a huge burden later.

You Deserve It

After a long day at work or shuttling kids to school and sporting events, pulling up to your home should provide a feeling of serenity, not chaos.
  1. Some experts suggest that a messy environment can lead to stress and anxiety. Keeping everything neat and organized provides a sense of calm­, which can start the moment you arrive home or when you walk out the door in the morning.
  2. Statistically, this isn’t the only home you’ll ever own. Why wait to fix up the yard and exterior until you’re getting ready to list your home? Make the changes and upgrades today, so you can enjoy them now.
  3. Home improvement activities are relaxing for many of us and we deserve time to enjoy our hobbies.
  4. Doing yard work, gardening and making repairs are productive ways to get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air.
What are you waiting for? Take a walk around your property, make a To Do list and get started improving your home’s curb appeal today. You’ll be glad you did!
- By The Compass Hawaii Team, May 29, 2019